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What is PQAC online and who can use it?

  • PQAC is used to check bilingual files for consistency, accuracy and different types of mistakes.
  • This application is for free, no charges/fees. If you want to try it, please just simply click on Register

Supported files

TTXTrados bilingual files
ZIPA ZIP package can contain one or more Trados/LocStudio bilingual files
LSPKGLocStudio package files
LCLLocStudio standalone files
XLZIdiom bilingual files for Idiom Workbench
WSXZIdiom bilingual files for Trados Studio
CSVPassolo bilingual export files
CSVZIPA ZIPCSV package (ZIP with .zipcsv extension) can contain one or more Passolo bilingual export files
XLIFFBilingual XLIFF files
XLFSame as above
SDLXLIFFSame as above
SDLPPXTrados Studio SDLPPX project file
SDLRPXTrados Studio SDLRPX project file

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